Payment methods


Payment for the products you buy can be made in the following 4 ways:

  1. Cash on delivery

Payment in cash at the time of delivery of the products to the person who will deliver them to you. The maximum amount of cash on delivery as defined by the courier companies is € 1499.00
NOTE: For orders over € 500, an advance payment of 30% of the value is required.

  2. Payment at the store

If you have chosen to pick up the products of your order from our store, (3rd Orinis Taksiarhias, Ilion, PC 13122), you can pay in cash or by debit / credit card.

  3. Payment by paypal

  4. Payment by credit / debit / prepaid card via PayPal

Our online store accepts Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Electron and American Express cards. Your transactions in our online store are protected by online security systems (SSL-256 bit) which guarantee a secure transaction environment.

In the (secure) order form, fill in all the necessary fields (card number, expiration date, CVV and issuing bank).

NOTE: We do NOT accept phone numbers of debit and credit cards by phone and no Rookie employee will ever ask you.

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