Privacy policy


Data collection procedures during a visit to the website

Each user, when visiting the website of the company Rookie BMX, is not obliged to enter or disclose any information that may be classified as personally identifiable, such as his name or address and telephone number. The company does not require such information from the visitor. Also, no technology is used to collect this data from the company. The company has the ability, and does so at will, to collect data that does not relate to that person in itself, but only some general information such as the name of the browser used or the count of the person visiting the site as a number for reasons measurement of traffic, which can be used for its own work or to further promote some of its advertising or other company activities.

Data collection procedures through the company’s forms-forms of communication

There is a way to collect personal data through our online store. One of these ways is the forms of communication provided to the user, and which he chooses to complete in an online communication effort with the company. It should be noted that there are other ways of communication, with which the user is not obliged to enter his details in any form. The form for filling in this information may contain a place for entering personal data such as name, address and telephone number as well as other information, such as a place in the workplace and the company in which the person concerned works. It should be noted that some of them are mandatory (eg name) and some others are not (eg address), in an effort to further respect the individual’s personal information. Rookie BMX uses this information for its own use only and for better service of the interested party and communication with him. The company does not provide this information to third parties.

Use of Cookies by the company

The use of cookies by the company has as its ultimate goal the facilitation of each user and his better familiarity with the internet use systems and the individual sites of the company. Cookies are files with information that a website locally transfers to the user’s computer. In this way, the company has the ability to recognize the user, every time he enters the website to connect to his account and at the same time to provide him with greater security. It should be noted that most web browsers are set to accept cookies. Users have the ability to configure their browsers so that they do not accept cookies.