Merritt BMX X FTL “Option” BMX Tire (Billy Perry)


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The Option tyre takes a look at what makes a good street tyre, and goes way beyond just making a tread pattern that looks good. Featuring Slidewall Technology which is Merritt’s own ultra-hard low friction compound that helps reduce drag on grinds and increase the life of the tyre sidewalls plus a ton of other features. The centre section of the tyre is smooth, so it is nice and fast, but the tread is actually thick for this section. The thicker tread has the benefit of increased shock absorption and then abruptly tapers down to a thinner thickness. By having the tapered tread connect to the thick centre section, it offers support so there is no squirm and the tyre is stable and at the same time reduces the tire weight because there is no benefit to the thicker tread on those sections of the tyre. “

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